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This Is How To Not Suck

December 19, 2013: God Hates "God Hates Fags"

December 4, 2013: Why Online Dating Sucks

November 24, 2013: Almost 19 Reasons Justin Bieber Isn't As Bad As You Might Think

September 4, 2013: Remaining Unsighted

July 9, 2013: Air Travel Omnibus

June 19, 2013: On Brazilians

February 2, 2013: You Are Not A Fan

October 4, 2012: Too Many Douches

June 25, 2012: Spread Thinly

June 12, 2012: You got Oatmeal in your FunnyJunk

February 28, 2012: Responses to the Nigger Article

February 12, 2012: George Lucas Doesn't Respect You

December 27, 2011: How To Lose At Marketing - Be Paul Christoforo

September 11, 2011: Fan Events are for Fans

September 2, 2011: George Lucas Must Be Stopped

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October 27, 2013: The tone of the "Mission" and "About Me" pages has been updated to better reflect the current writing style of the website. Also the banner at the top of every page has been updated.

January 14, 2011: How To Not Suck now has an official Twitter feed. For updates on new articles as well as content that will be exclusive to the HTNS Twitter feed, follow @TweetsToNotSuck on Twitter.

August 16, 2010: After much toil, the forum is back online and more secure than ever. It also has a new layout. You have never been more happy about anything, ever.

October 27, 2009: Two articles in less than two weeks? That can only mean one thing: HTNS is back on the air. Look for more, fairly regularly, at least until the next unannounced hiatus.

September 8, 2009: I've added a new page which should keep things interesting for a bit. Check out my Updated American Quotes. Also the forum has been cleaned up, and measures taken to keep it from becoming a spam-infested cesspool again.

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