What is this all about anyway?

Something I'm sure you've noticed over time is that people around you always - without fail - tend to do incredibly stupid things. This ranges from bad drivers and bad manners, all the way up to colossal PR failures, and in general they make the world a worse place to live in.

How To Not Suck is a website firmly dedicated to identifying these things that people do, and exposing them for what they are: selfish, uninformed, and dangerous. The way in which I expose those things has changed over the years, but the desired end result is always the same: get people to change their habits in a positive way.

Since it's unrealistic to think that I could independently communicate with everyone who does those things, I'm relying on you, dear readers, to use your own power to spread the articles you particularly agree with through the Internet. With your help, we can change the world.

The History of the Site

Since I began this website in 2006, it has changed and grown along with me. Originally, I used it as a platform from which to spout anger at things that annoyed me, in the hope that the people who do those things would see what I've written and reconsider their actions. The voice in those early articles was one I was putting on for show, and I've since pulled it back; I almost never swear in person, but in those early articles I was putting on a persona that swore profusely. I still lean into the occasional article, but in general I now use profanity much more sparingly, and focus more on intellectual takedowns than on ranting.

I think the newer articles are significantly more interesting to read, but I don't see any reason not to leave the early stuff accessible as well. Where else can you see someone's attitude and voice actually change right before your eyes? I'm not embarassed or ashamed of the early content on this site, but I do think the way it is now is better, and I'm glad I've made the changes I've made over the last several years.

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