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How To Not Suck · 2006

December 25, 2006: Indian Givers Are Better Than You

December 18, 2006: You Stay Out In The Cold

December 11, 2006: How To Be Cold In Winter

December 4, 2006: "Please and Thank You", Please and Thank You

November 27, 2006: You'll Always Get What You've Always Got

November 21, 2006: Have You Had Your Daily Laugh?

November 14, 2006: Have You Had Your Daily Chuckle?

November 6, 2006: Murdering Stupid People

October 30, 2006: The Dead Are NOT A Commercial Enterprise!

October 23, 2006: Lazy Is NOT A Disability

October 17, 2006: Your Children Suck Because You Suck At Raising Them

October 17, 2006: The One That Makes The Red L

October 10, 2006: I'll Rub Your Fucking Nose In It!

October 5, 2006: An Immovable Object You Are NOT

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